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Most of us work extremely hard throughout our lives with a view to being financially secure and confortable in our retirement. Sadly; poor interest rates, the rising cost of living and pension shortfalls mean that some of us struggle to pay for simple pleasures such as holidays in our later years. If you own your own home, or have just a small mortgage, then equity release could provide you with the perfect solution to fund the retirement you deserve.

Equity release allows you to free capital locked away in your property. The most common equity release plan in the UK is the Lifetime Mortgage. With a Lifetime Mortgage you can release either a large lump sum or smaller installments of cash up to an agreed value. The huge advantage of this type of borrowing is that you usually do not have to make any kind of repayments until after the property is sold and you can continue to live in your home for as long as you wish.

Thousands of people throughout the UK have used equity release to help them follow their retirement dreams. Below are some of the amazing adventures that releasing money from your home could enable you to take:

  • A Caribbean Cruise – can you imagine yourself sailing aboard a luxury ship, travelling the world and visiting islands of unparalleled beauty? Taking a cruise consistently features in top 10 lists of retirement dream holidays.
  • An African Safari – if your passion is big cats and wild creatures then you could use the capital locked away in your home to fund the ultimate safari adventure and see some of the world’s most beautiful and majestic animals in their natural habitat.
  • Set sail around the Galápagos Islands – if you have always dreamed of seeing seals, dolphins and penguins in the wild then this could be a perfect retirement trip for you.
  • Soak up the winter sun in Australia – winter can be bitterly cold in the UK so why not spoil yourself with a tour of Australia? See the Sydney opera house, meet the incredible wildlife and explore the unspoiled outback well your friends and family freeze back at home!
  • Wine tasting in Napa Valley – if you have always dreamed of enjoying a luxury holiday full of great food and great wine then few places can compare to California’s Napa Valley. With beautiful countryside and fantastic weather this truly could be a holiday of a lifetime.
  • One big trip or many mini breaks? If you have always planned to travel in your retirement then you may not want to limit yourself to one big holiday. Many of our clients choose to spend the equity released from their properties on taking a number of shorter breaks or use the money to buy a caravan or motor home to enable them to continue to travel for years to come.
  • Reunions – Many people have family and friends dotted around the world but the expense of travel means that they are rarely able to see each other in person. If you have a brother in Canada, a best friend in America or a daughter in Australia then taking equity release could enable you to organise the reunion of a lifetime.

If you are interested in using equity release to fund your retirement dreams, then contact one of our advisors on 0207 158 0881. You can also get an indication of how much money you may be able to release using our free equity release calculator.

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