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How safe is equity release?

Equity release is fully regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority (F.C.A.) which ensures that only regulated and approved companies may offer advice. Furthermore Money Release Limited only recommends lifetime mortgages from members of the Equity Release Council which guarantees that all plans comply to the latest standards.

Could I lose my House?

As there are no monthly payments to make with an equity release plan, it is impossible to fall behind with payments and therefore impossible to lose your home. You are guaranteed that you can stay in your home until you either pass away or move into a permanent long term care home.

Can I move house?

Equity release plans are portable, which means that you are free to move at any point (subject to provider criteria), or indeed stay in the property for as long as you choose.

Can I make sure I still leave an inheritance?

Many customers are concerned about leaving behind an inheritance to their loved ones after they have passed away. We offer plans that ensure a percentage of your home is protected for the purpose of inheritance planning so you can be confident your wishes are met.

Can I really use the money for whatever I want?

Absolutely yes! After all it’s your money. Some of the most popular reasons include home improvements, clearing debts on credit cards and loans, or simply having a little extra to spend each month.

How much can money can I release?

The amount of money available will depend primarily on the value of your home and any outstanding mortgage you may have. We offer a free initial consultation and can advise you based on your individual circumstances.

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