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At Money Release, we have dealt with a wide range of Clients and we are used to hearing all sorts of rumours about Equity Release. Here is our handy guide to dispel some of those rumours for you and provide you with the facts:

"I cannot leave an inheritance for my family" - False

While equity release will reduce the value of your estate it will not prevent you from leaving an inheritance for your loved ones. Indeed some plans will allow you to guarantee a percentage of your home is value to be left to your beneficiaries.

"If I release equity from my home now I will not be able to move in future" - False

All equity release lenders will allow you to move your loan from one property to another. It is actually one of the Equity Release Council standards.

However, it should be noted that there are certain instances when it may not be possible to transfer your loan from one home to the next. The lenders have strict property criteria so you will need to check with your lender to make sure your new home can act as acceptable security.

"I will have to hand over my deeds and will not own my own home any more" - False

With a lifetime mortgage, the most popular method of releasing equity from your home, you will not have to sell any part of it to anyone. The lender will release the funds once a charge is secured on your home, exactly the same as a normal residential mortgage you may have had previously, and you are entitled to carry on living in your home for the rest of your life.

"I will leave a debt for my loved ones if I go ahead with equity release" - False

This is not the case. Equity release plans now come with a "no negative equity guarantee". This means you or your estate will never be asked to repay more than the value of your property, even if the amount owed is greater. This is a key principle of the Equity Release Council and Money Release will not recommend a plan to you that does not offer such protection.

"Equity release is not for everyone" - Fact

Equity release may well not be the right option for you at this time, and at Money Release, we understand that everyone is different. Our job is to make sure you know everything you need to, before making any decisions. Rest assured, if we do not think it is the right choice for you we will say so. That way you can make your own mind up having taken everything into account. We also recommend you read through is equity release right for me? carefully.

So if you would like to join the thousands of people releasing equity from their home, call us on 0207 158 0881 to arrange a free, no obligation consultation with one of our friendly and experienced advisors.