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A prepaid funeral plan allows you to fix the cost of the funeral director's services at today's prices included in your plan. You choose the funeral you want and make your wishes known now. You can even spread the cost of the funeral with affordable monthly payments*.

In this guide, you will learn:

What are prepaid funeral plans?

A prepaid funeral plan allows you to arrange and freeze the cost of your funeral director's services at today's prices. You can make your wishes known now, and fix your funeral director's services at today's prices.

A funeral plan can spare you and your family a lot of stress at the time of need. When you arrange your prepaid funeral plan, you receive a card which you can keep in your purse or wallet with a phone number and your plan number. At the time your plan is needed, one quick telephone call to Golden Charter and they take care of everything.

Are prepaid funeral plans a good idea?

Many people think that their estate can look after payment of the funeral. However, this takes significant time and often results in your loved ones paying for your funeral on finance until probate is complete.

The average cost of a funeral in 2018 was £4,271, which could be a significant burden to your loved ones. In 2004 the average price of a funeral was only £1,920, meaning the costs have more than doubled! **

What if you could lock in the cost of your funeral director's services at today's price, sparing your loved ones potentially having to fund your funeral?

With a prepaid funeral plan, you could achieve exactly that.

Why Money Release recommends Golden Charter

After speaking with several different funeral plan providers, we choose to recommend Golden Charter plans for several reasons, including:

  • Their competitive prices.
  • Their network of 2,900 funeral directors throughout the UK.
  • Your funeral director's services are guaranteed.
  • Your payments are protected by being placed into trust, or paid to a life assurance policy.
  • They are owned by independent funeral directors.
  • They have over 25 years' experience.
  • They have arranged over 700,000 prepaid funeral plans.

Like Money Release, Golden Charter also have an excellent rating on TrustPilot.

Another significant value add is that with non-insurance backed plans is that once your plan is fully paid your plan can be transferred and used for the funeral of a spouse or other family member if they die before you. ****

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone apply for a Golden Charter Funeral Plan?

Yes. Plans are available to everyone, regardless of age or state of health. If you choose to pay by low-cost instalments, then you must be 78 or under when you apply. If you choose fixed monthly payments option, then you must be aged between 50 and 80 and a UK resident. There are no maximum or minimum age limits if choosing to pay by a single payment or by 12 monthly payments.

Can I choose my funeral director?

Yes – if you have a preferred funeral director, please let us know. If you don't have any preference, Golden Charter will appoint a funeral director near to you from their network of local independent funeral directors. If it isn't possible to appoint your preferred funeral director to your plan, they will let you know so they can work with you to choose an alternative.

What happens if my funeral director goes out of business?

If that happens, Golden Charter will contact you to discuss options to reallocate your plan to another funeral director near you.

What if I have special requests for my funeral?

You can tell us about any individual wishes for your funeral when you apply. If these involve extra costs, you may be able to add these on to the total cost of your plan (except where you choose to pay by fixed monthly payment option).

What happens when I die?

Just one phone call and Golden Charter take care of everything. Your plan documents folder contains the contact details for your funeral director. When the time comes, your family contacts the funeral director and quotes your plan number. The funeral director will then take care of all the arrangements.

What if I die in another country?

If you intend to travel overseas, we recommend that your travel or medical insurance policy includes cover for repatriation costs back to the UK. Your funeral plan covers the cost of transportation of the body from the relevant UK airport or port to the funeral director's premises.

What if I move to a different area?

Please let Golden Charter know you are moving so they can update their records. You will have the option to transfer your plan to a different funeral director if required.

How much do prepaid funeral plans cost?

Golden Charter has four different types of funeral plan, starting from £2,895 up to £4,099.

Let's look at the plans in more detail.

Value Standard Select Premier
Single payment £2,895 £3,495 £3,850 £4,099
The coffin Basic Simple High quality Superior
Transport for the deceased to the funeral director's premises within 25 miles During working hours During working hours 24 hours 24 hours
Choice of time and date of funeral No Yes Yes Yes
Funeral procession to funeral location (fees and costs of a service at a separate location not included) No Yes Yes Yes
Limousines No No One Two
An allowance included for third party costs £800 £1,100 £1,100 £1,100
A list provided to the family of mourners who sent flowers No No No Yes

These funeral plans can be paid for in full or by affordable monthly payments. You can choose how long you wish to make the payments over* and you can settle the balance at any time without penalty. ****

Why not try our handy calculator at the top of the page to see how little your monthly payments could be.

Why prepaid funeral plans are good to look at when considering Equity Release

When considering Equity Release, your advisor will discuss both your current circumstances and financial planning. It is a good idea to consider any possible future expenses, one of which being a funeral.

Regardless of whether you choose to proceed with an Equity Release, one future need that is certain is a funeral.

We often suggest that you should consider equity release and prepaid funeral plans both together, and also independently.

If you cannot afford to pay the total amount for the prepaid funeral plan in one payment, it may be that you could afford to pay by monthly instalment.

If you then proceed with an Equity Release, you may wish to settle the amount owed in full upon receipt of your funds.

This gives you both peace of mind that your funeral wishes are recorded, and the costs are settled before you pass.

If you have further questions, why not speak with one of our advisers?

Call us on 0207 158 0881.

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* Age restrictions may apply
** SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2018
***There would be extra costs if the funeral arrangements differ from what's specified in the plan, for example, burial instead of cremation, an additional limousine or a different location
**** not available if paying by the fixed monthly payment option