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One Family have withdrawn this product from the market.

But there are still other options from different lenders we can explore.

Use our equity release calculator to find out how much you can release.
The biggest cash release plan from One Family is available to clients aged 70 plus. They are currently the largest LTV plans (offering cash releases between % and % of your property value) from any lifetime mortgage lender without any medical underwriting.

In this guide, you will learn:

What is the Super LTV lifetime mortgage?

The Super LTV plan is designed to provide larger lump sums to people who need the most money they can release from their home with a Lifetime Mortgage.

The plan offers a one-off lump sum at a fixed rate of interest. The interest rate is fixed for the duration of the plan, which is designed to run until the last borrower passes away or moves into long term care.

At age 70

You can release up to % of your properties value.

From age 83

You can release up to % of your properties value.

With such large amounts of money now available, now may be the perfect time to explore your Equity Release options.

Even if you have previously been declined, or decided you could not release enough money, you may now be able to achieve a much higher maximum release.

Why not try our equity release calculator to instantly find out how much you may be able to release.

Please note that this plan is available to clients with a minimum age of 70 at the time of completion and is available for properties in England and Wales only.

Who is the Super LTV plan for?

This type of lifetime mortgage has been designed to appeal to clients who:

  • Want to release as much equity from their property as possible.
  • Need the funds in a single lump sum.
  • Are unlikely to need to borrow further money in the future.
  • Want a plan that meets Equity Release Council standards.
  • Want a no negative equity guarantee - meaning they / their loved ones will never owe more than the value of the property.
  • Understand that the plan has a higher rate of interest than other plans available, and therefore the total interest added to the loan will likely be higher.
  • Want a finance plan that does not require them to make mandatory monthly payments.
  • Like the idea of being able to pay off some of the debt if they can afford to, but do not wish to commit to regular payments.
  • May be considering equity release as part of inheritance planning.
  • Want to clear outstanding debts they may have carried into retirement.

Key features

Plan length Designed to run until the death of the last borrower, or the last borrower moving into permanent long term care.
Interest rate Fixed for life
Available to clients aged 70-100
LTVs (percentage of property value that can be released) 45-58%
Loan Sizes £20,000-£1 million
Property value £70,000 minimum. No maximum.
Payment options Roll Up with Voluntary Payments
Freehold properties Yes
Leasehold properties 155 Year minus the age of youngest customer (or 75 years if higher)
Land with property No minimum. Will consider up to 25 acres with valuations based on 5 acres
Properties near commercial premises Will consider above or adjacent
Geographical availability England and Wales
Early Repayment Charges (ERCs) Fixed from years 1-8. No ERC from year 9 onwards.
ERCs Years 1-3: 6%; Year 4: 5%; Year 5: 4%; Year 6: 3%; Year 7: 2%; Year 8: 1%; Year 9+: NONE
ERC Calculation Based on the lower of the intial loan amount and the outstanding balance
No Negative Equity Guantee Yes
Downsizing Protection After five years ERCs will be waived if redemption is due to downsizing

Next steps

Our equity release calculator includes the Super LTV plan and will give you details of the maximum amount you could release from age 55. For clients aged 70, plus your results will be based on the Super LTV plan as it is currently the highest release plan in the market.

Alternatively, please see the grid below which shows the maximum percentage available on the Super LTV Lifetime Mortgage by age.

Age of youngest home owner Percentage of property value available
70 45%
71 46%
72 47%
73 48%
74 49%
75 50%
76 51%
77 52%
78 53%
79 54%
80 55%
81 56%
82 57%
83-100 58%

If you have further questions, why not speak with one of our qualified advisors?

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While a qualified equity release advisor has written this guide, it is not intended to be used as financial nor legal advice and should not be relied upon.

To understand the full features and risks of an Equity Release plan, ask for a personalised illustration.

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